Thursday, October 14, 2010


 Hello ladies!

 Guess where I went?! The MALL of course for some much needed retail therapy! lol I made a quick trip to Victoria's Secret & Macy's and picked up a couple things and figured I'd share my thoughts on what I bought..

First up..Victoria's Secret. I wanted to try their cosmetic line.. after alot of swatching at the store I finally decided on 3 lipsticks and 1 lip gloss... ok so right off the bat what I liked about them was that both lipstick and lip gloss are soo smooth and moisturizing and the lip gloss is not sticky like some other glosses I own.

  • Scrumptious
  • Celebutante
  • Whisper
Lip Gloss
  • Glow


Next up MACYS!!

Okay so I been on the hunt for a new perfume and as I was browsing around Macy's
the lady at the counter asked me if Ive ever tried on the Versace "Crystal Nior"
I told her I had one already (Bright Crystal) and she went on about how this one is always sold out and they finally got them back in stock .. long story short whether or not her story was true..when I smelled the tester I was in LOVE! Its such a sexy scent for fall. It was a must-have in my opinion and great addition for my collection of perfumes! :)

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul and found it alittle useful..
Whats your fave fall scent?? I'd love to check them out.
Til next time!
Stay beautiful..

xoxo - Jo*cee



Anonymous said...

Lovely haul, thanks for sharing!


Toni Tralala said...

I like VS too! My fiancé's aunt is a make up artist and she gave me some make-up for free.

Nice haul!

JOCEE411 said...

@Toni Tralala
-thank you! btw right now Victoria Secret has 7 for $25 panties this weekend! yay!